Posted on Mar 27, 2019

Angela L Engstrom Attorney at Law

Statutes of limitations. What are they?

These are the big scary deadlines.....THE DEADLINES.... you need to pay attention to if you have any intention of filing a lawsuit over a dispute. Every type of case has a statute of limitation (SOL). Every state is different. If you plan to consult a lawyer to assist you in your case, do so well in advance of the statute so the lawyer has time to review your case and prepare accordingly.

In a personal injury case (negligence, car accidents, premises cases, slip and falls, etc), you have 2 years in Oregon to resolve your case or file it before it's gone for good. In Washington, you have 3 years. Other states vary.

For a contact claim, you have a bit longer, generally 6 years to sue over a written contract in both Washington and Oregon.

You start the clock running on your SOL when the incident occurred (the car accident, breach of contract etc.) Occasionally there will be events that might toll (pause) a statute and extend your time to file.

Better safe than sorry on this one, and consult a lawyer sooner rather than later because you may be working up against the clock on your claim!
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